I wrote in an earlier post that I wasn’t THAT kind of hoarder, you know, the kind of hoarder who finds a missing family pet under a pile of garbage when the city comes to condemn the house. I would love to take full credit for being an extreme clutterer versus a disgusting, burn the house down and back away hoarder, but I do have help. Lots of help.

My BFF “T” occasionally (every 2 weeks, like clockwork) comes over while I’m at work and spends the day cleaning. Not decluttering, but cleaning. She scrubs the floors, toilets and counters, dusts, vacuums, and changes the bed. When I had to go on overtime hours at work, I asked if she’d consider doing the laundry too. Yes to that. Did I mention she’s my BFF? Of course, I compensate her with more than my undying gratitude and admiration, but still, I’d be in big trouble without her help.

“T” leaves my clean, folded laundry in baskets, which I dress out of, and I throw my dirty laundry on floor. This system has worked for years (I use the term “worked” loosely). Since I cleaned my Queen bedroom though, I’ve been putting the baskets of clothes away and throwing the dirty clothes into the empty baskets. Just like a grown-up…my parents would be so proud! Sniff, sniff.

I also have a very bad habit of not fully unpacking my suitcases after a trip. When I  cleaned the Queen bedroom, I found quite a few toiletries, grooming aids and a few pieces of clothing still in my suitcase from a cruise taken a couple of years ago. Yikes. I just got home from a week in Sedona, Arizona, and completely unpacked and put away my suitcase today. Progress.

Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ

My houseguest while I was gone was “C”. She’s a friend of No. 8 Sis, and swiftly becoming a friend of mine, too. She was here to look after Bella, the cat. Such a dear. “C”, not the cat. I left last Saturday, and it took until Friday for Bella to stop hissing at “C”. She’s a loyal one. Bella, not “C”.

I’ve already mentioned what a help No. 2 Sis has been, and I often get assistance from my other sisters and friends in the form of hands-on cleaning and decorating, and of course, oodles of advice (which I largely ignore). It takes a village to raise Laurel. 🙂

Stay tuned…