Even though decluttering the walk-in closet in the Queen bath isn’t a high priority, I was inspired when I came across this post on a blog I just started following.


6 outfits for 6 months! For Miss Growing Green, that translates to 3 pairs of pants, 6 shirts and 6 sweaters, so she can layer as needed. My laundry is done every 2 weeks, so I would amend that to 9 work outfits for my wardrobe pare-down (I get every other Friday off). I work in a very casual office, so all my work clothes can translate into play clothes, too. Of course, I need work-out wear (theoretically), one dressy outfit for weddings, funerals, etc, a swimsuit, and pajamas. But let’s just focus on the work clothes for now, and stipulate this is for fall/winter. I can set aside (for now) any pieces that are special occasion orĀ  spring/summer only.


The first trick will be finding a way to walk into my walk-in closet. The clothes in the back need to be ironed and/or mended. They look like they’re mostly spring/summer. There are also things hanging on both sides of the door and stuff on a shelf hidden behind the clothes on the right.

I had no idea I had so many pairs of pants! Gack! I need to try all of them on. Out of 36 pairs of pants, 14 fit me. The rest go to Goodwill. With the shirts I purged too, I filled 4 garbage bags. I’m nowhere near 9 outfits, but I’m pleased with my progress.


I know the after looks nearly the same, but…22 pairs of pants! 4 bags! And just look at this shelf!

Self where many pairs of pants were previously hidden.

Shelf where many pairs of pants were previously hidden.

Stay tuned…