I’d better throw myself a party when I hit 100 bags.

I pulled 2 more bags of clothes from the back of the Queen closet. My therapist, Dr. Ima Shrink, tells me that I pretend to be a queen because I feel powerless in my life. I pay her $240 an hour to tell me things like that. I AM a queen, not in a hereditary, coronated sort of way, but because I NO LONGER feel powerless. I feel powerful; I AM powerful! I’m 100% responsible for how I live my life, and I recently decided, no, DECREED, that I wasn’t going to hide behind piles of junk anymore.

My BFF “G”, who knows all about my Queenliness, sent me this link: http://www.cherylrichardson.com/newsletters/week-3-why-its-good-to-be-a-queen/

If the link doesn’t take you right to the article, go to newsletter archives, week 3.

I printed the newsletter (in purple) to hang in my bedroom. It suits me to a tee. Hmmm, I’m thinking of letting Ima go.

Stay tuned…