It took an hour to clear off the island Monday night. Well, not a solid hour…I made Tuesday’s lunch, swept, and did dishes, too. Must learn to focus! I filled one bag of recycling.

I couldn’t find the before picture of the island, so here’s a picture of an island girl taken in Jamaica.

Island girl.

Island girl.

Island, after.

Island, after.

On Tuesday night, I tackled the rest of the kitchen counters. I got another bag of recycling filled. That puts me at a total of 92!

Counters before...

Counters before…

...and after.

…and after.

And, I did the dishes again! Two days in a row! I usually don’t do them two weeks in a row.

Even more shocking,I participated in my first link-up! Strangers could actually look at my blog. How scary is that? I linked to A Slob Comes Clean. Check it out!!

Stay tuned…