You know, Pinterest has really changed what I eat for lunch. I don’t actually cook the recipes I pin, but I get a vending machine sandwich instead of going out, so I can look at Pinterest all through the lunch hour. I’ve heard it said that Pinterest is like crack for middle class, middle-aged, mid-western women. I  can testify to that.

My BFF “G” is coming to visit for the weekend, and the house looks really good, except for the Queen bath. That’s where I shoved everything when I ran out of time cleaning for company LAST weekend. I tell myself I can’t clear off the counters until I clean under the sink to make room for all the crap on the counter. The truth is, I really like “organizing” much more than “cleaning”.



…and after.


I got these Sterilite drawer units at Target. I think they’ll make things easier to get to than the big boxes, and therefore easier to put away.

I only filled partial bags of garbage, recycling and donations, so I’m still at 95 bags.

Stay tuned…

p.s. The morning after I cleaned and organized this cabinet, my alarm went off at 6:00. I turned it off and work up at 7:30. I cursed loudly, scaring Bella, who was sleeping on me. She tore off, leaving long bloody scratches on my leg. Just a typical morning at Laurel’s cottage. But THEN, instead of rooting around in the cabinet, I went straight to the drawers marked “bandaids” and “ointments” and doctored myself up in a flash, saving crucial minutes in my race to get to work on time. Being organized is awesome!