I’m totally in a panic, as I tend to be anytime someone is coming to the house. I have an ant infestation (is that word too strong?) and an exterminator is coming this afternoon. Normally I’d have him come right after my BFF “T” has cleaned, but this guy is a natural exterminator from the southern part of the state, and he’s going to be in the city today. So, today it is.

I’ve set up my home life to have a two week supply of everything,,,dishes, underwear, etc…so I never have to do a lick of housework between “T”‘s visits. But I’m on the last week of a three week stretch this time, and I’m going to have to do two loads of dishes before the exterminator comes. My underwear situation is none of his business, but I don’t want him to see that I’ve been inadvertently feeding the ants by leaving dirty dishes lying about.

Until the whole ant infestation (can’t think of a softer word) came to a head, I was continuing cleaning the Queen bath. I finished the second cabinet, and started on the counter. The condition of the counter kind of made me glad to be distracted by ants.

Here’s the before picture of the second cabinet. I’d include the after photo, but I can’t find the download cable for the camera. My guess is it’s on that damn counter.



I put over half the towels in the donation bag. They’re in great condition because I never get that far down in the pile. I consolidated the vitamins and found a spot for them in one of the newly cleaned drawers. There were a couple of boxes behind the trash can that were full of junk. Most of that went into the garbage.

I topped off the towel donation bag with some more clothes to get rid of, and filled a garbage bag. That puts me at 99 bags!

Stay tuned…