The exterminator has come and gone and the ants are now antibodies. I believe in the circle of life and preserving our ecosystems and all of that, but I must insist on the inside of the house being exempt. No vermin allowed.

I dealt with my panic over the exterminator coming in by repeating to myself, over and over, “He’s coming to help, not to judge, he’s coming to help…”. And indeed, he never commented on my housekeeping, or the evidence that I’d set up a wayward ant feeding program in my kitchen sink. Damn pizza pans that don’t fit in the dishwasher! I think I’ll throw them away and just buy a pizza stone that always stays in the oven. Yes, I know a “normal” person would just wash the pizza pans and put them away.

Although I try to be gentle with myself to combat the negative self-judgement that comes whenever¬† I have chaos in the house, I’m afraid I’ve gone past gentle and into squishy and indecisive concerning the Queen bathroom counter. I’ve decided to be Ruthless, just for today. Those of you who personally know me know that “Ruthless” has a very loaded definition for me, because my Mom’s name was Ruth. She was my original squishy, sentimental, indecisive role model. So to be Ruthless, I will have to be logical and decisive. My motto will be “When in doubt, throw it out!” In other words, I will be my Dad, Chuck. Oh, that’s an even better motto, “Just Chuck it!”

Countertop in Queen bath....

Counter top in Queen bath….


The shelf is sitting upside down; your eyes are not playing tricks on you. I plan on painting it and then hanging it on the side wall, just out of sight to the right in the photo. And, I still need to go through the basket of hair stuff and sort through my Mary Kay collection (Sis No.2 is a Mary Kay consultant).  And you can see the big basket of dirty laundry in the mirror. But HUGE improvement!

I finished off the bag of recycling, and filled a box of donations. I also added to the stash of toiletries for the homeless shelter. That puts me at 101 bags/ boxes!!!! I’m buying myself a present. I cancelled cable a few months ago to save over $100 per month. I use my Amazon Prime membership to stream TV and movies on my laptop, but now I’m buying Amazon Fire TV, so I can stream directly to my TV. Yay!

Stay tuned…

p.s. I still haven’t found the camera upload cable that I’ve been using, but I found the original cord that came with the camera. The one I had been using is one I bought when I gave up on finding the original one, which turned up soon after I bought a replacement. If you can imagine this kind of confusion on a very grand scale, you can imagine my life. Anyway, here’s the “after” photo of the second cabinet in the Queen bath.

Cabinet, after.

Cabinet, after.