I was so unlazy this weekend! I cooked, I cleaned, I mended….yes, you read that right. I dug deeper into the Queen closet and pulled some items off the back rack. I mended three of the shirts hanging there, and decided one was too far gone and it had to go in the trash.

I also looked at the shirts that just needed to be ironed and asked myself if I really liked them enough to put in manual labor every time I wore them. For some, the answer was yes, but it was no for many more. Into the donation bag they went. I also threw in some outfits I had saved in the last go-round. After I wore them, I realized they fit, but they did not flatter.

Then Monday, I “finished” the back wall of the Queen closet. I filled up 3 boxes of shoes, purses and miscellany. I filled one bag of clothes and one bag of garbage. I loaded the donation stuff into Gypsy Blue’s trunk and threw a chair into the back seat.  Why make a Goodwill run with the car half empty?

Progress on the Queen closet.

Progress on the Queen closet.

All told, that’s 6 more bags, boxes and pieces of furniture. That puts me at 107.

I’m starting to learn that my immediate reaction to clearing out a bunch of stuff is exhaustion. Previously, that made me want to quit doing this. Now I know that the fatigue will pass, and the cleaner space will be more energizing in the long run.

Stay tuned…