I promised myself when I started this blog that I was going to be honest about my emotions. I think I blew that a little bit in my last post. Yes, I was tired from decluttering, and later energized by the open space, but I kind of glossed over the feelings I had about giving away my shoes. I’m a woman, and I gave away shoes.

I’ve never been shoe crazy like the women (especially Carrie) on “Sex in the City”, but I do like a cute, inexpensive pair of shoes. Unfortunately, my wobbly knees do not like cute, inexpensive shoes.

I’ve had acute knee pain off and on for years. I’ve pretty much had two gaits, wobble and limp. My chiropractor, Dr. Doogie (okay, she looks 16, but is probably older), insists I must stretch and exercise every day for those wobbly knees. I smile and nod, while thinking it’ll be a cold day in hell.

Then, one day, I limped into the Walking Store and they fit me for sensible, expensive shoes. They’re not totally old lady orthopedics, but they’re not cute. They’re…handsome. I have a pair of handsome black shoes and a pair of handsome brown shoes. And that’s it. That’s my entire shoe wardrobe. But my knee pain isĀ  now 80-90% gone, depending on whether or not it’s going to rain. And that’s wonderful.

I think the day you buy sensible shoes is the day you finally realize that you’re firmly ensconced in middle age, and your youth will never return. And that’s a little sad.

So goodbye flats with no arch support, farewell peep toes and slingbacks, so long heels of any height…it was nice while it lasted, but it’s over. It’s not you, it’s me.

Stay tuned…