“Hello, Wonky Eye Clinic? I’d like to make an appointment.”

This was my spice/baking/smoothie cupboard, before I started cleaning it out and reorganizing it.


This is my spice cupboard with the new, 12 inch diameter, 2 tier Lazy Susan. It is 1 inch bigger in diameter than the depth of the cabinet so I can’t shut the door, and the height is not going to work either. Hence the emergency call to the Wonky Eye Clinic.


Okay, back to Amazon it goes. I ordered several (six..if one is good, six is better, right?) 9 inch diameter, single tier turntables instead (buy here). When they arrived, I finished the spice cabinet clean-out and reorganization.


Nice! That’s my tiny collection of salt and pepper shakers and my baking supplies on the top shelf. If I ever really want to bake, I’ll have to buy some more staples. The middle shelf is smoothie supplies and the bottom shelf is full of spices. I always think I’ll become a fantastic cook if I buy the right spices and the right cookbook. I think I’ve mentioned my delusional aspirations before.

I put some things into a donation box, some in the garbage, and the spicy spices (ones with heat) into a bag for my BFF “V”. She can handle the heat, I cannot. I didn’t fill up any bags or boxes, though, so I’m still at 107.

Oh, and the jacket I wore to work today? Into the donation bag. I really need to buy myself a full length mirror.

Stay tuned…

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