Hasn’t it ever occurred to me that if I buy dozens of bins and baskets and drawers, that I just have too damn much stuff? I’m so torn between two extremes. Part of me wants to live simply and peacefully. Another part of me wants to be well over-stocked in case of disaster, like a zombie apocalypse or a Republican majority.

The part of me that wants to live simply seems to have the upper hand right now. It may be because I cancelled cable and I don’t want to pay for online papers, so I don’t get the news anymore. This was a cost-saving measure, but I think it may be a sanity-saving measure, as well. Bad news tends to fuel my fears and insecurities, and my fears and insecurities fuel my hoarding.

I’m slowly, one at a time, pulling out the bins I just packed full of my spring/summer clothes. I’m trying everything on and hanging some things back in the closet, even though I haven’t fully purged my cold weather clothes. Since most of my clothes are wearable year-round (just more layers in cold weather), my goal is to keep them all in the closet, no matter the season. This could be a good idea, so I don’t forget what I own, but it will only work if I keep my wardrobe thinned out enough so that I can actually see what’s hanging there.

I’m also finding that I have to add part of the current day’s outfit to the donation bag at least once a week (after washing it, of course).  As I pay more attention to how I look and feel,  I’m less willing to keep a piece of clothing just because it covers my body parts. There are some pieces that actually flatter my figure and my complexion, and I feel great in them. I want all my clothes to feel like that. I might have to keep some outfits that I just feel good in, for now, but I’m shooting for great! And I’ll no longer except just okay, or worse, feels/looks like crap.

I filled another donation bag with okay and crap (but maybe okay for someone else). I wedged a short bookshelf into the back seat of the car just to get a little more room in the garage. That puts me at 109.

Stay tuned…