I really wanted to make space for the extra dresser in the Queen closet. No, I still didn’t measure, but this time it fit okay without my eyes being wonky. Now I just have to shift the furniture in the Queen bedroom a bit, to make up for my wonky eye in there.


The left side of the closet has now been nearly all cleaned out. I found a couple of skirts and a few pairs of dress pants that I need to try on. I never wear dress pants, why do I have so many pairs? And the skirts were a surprise too. I didn’t know I owned any. I filled a donation bag with a lot of slinky, sexy clothes that still had the price tags on them. I’ve never been slinky and/or sexy, but I had hopes. Or, more honestly, delusional aspirations. Just as I’ve always thought the right dishes would make me a brilliant hostess, and the right spices would make me a marvelous cook, I thought the right clothes would make me sexy. The sensible shoes would kill the look now, anyway.

After I moved the dresser, I put the travel bins and bags in one of the drawers. I just hope I remember they’re in there come travel time. I’m not sure what I’ll put in the other drawers yet. Empty drawers, what a concept!

I filled one bag of donations, and set aside a pile of “maybes”. That makes 110.

I have absolutely zero progress to report on the throne room. Well, not zero, I bought a few things I need at Home Depot on-line. I still need to pick up some things in person. Apparently you can’t buy paint on-line. What’s that about?

Stay tuned…