Uh oh. I’m scared. There’s been a package delivered to my door every day for the past week. My credit card is starting to melt. I’m back in shopping mode. I love to read those frugal living blogs, but only because they’re so foreign to me, like living in Paris, or underwater, or on Mars.

While it’s true that all of my shopping has been for home projects, except for the pale yellow twin sweater set with the embroidered bumble bees (who could resist that?), I’m still concerned. I have a history of shopping for projects that never seem to come to fruition, which is part of the reason I can barely fit my one car into my two car garage. Poor Gypsy Blue, she’s so crowded out there.

At the very least, I should be limiting my shopping to one project at a time. I got a little bored waiting for the Home Depot packages for the Throne Room project, so I took advantage of Amazon Prime’s (buy here) two day shipping and ordered a bunch of decor stuff for the patio. I STILL haven’t picked up paint for any of the projects, though, and paint’s one of those essential things, whereas crystal chandeliers and throw pillows are not.

I guess the only answer to this is STOP SHOPPING and DO THE PROJECTS! Wait, is that two answers? Okay, I just need to find the drill, and the drill bits, and the toilet seat repair kit, and I will. On Sunday.

Meanwhile, I started a box and a bag of donations, but filled neither, so I’m still at 110.

Stay tuned…

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