If you were to ask people what the strongest force in their life is, I imagine many would say faith or family. The strongest force in my life is inertia. You know, “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion”.

Except for dragging myself to work,  and one little tiny project, my body pretty much stayed at rest this week. I bought a basket for the Throne Room a couple of weeks ago at Arc thrift shop. I stained it one evening this week, because I wanted it darker. While I got it ready to stain, I found two price stickers on it. One said “$5.99” and one said “.99”. I’m sure I paid $5.99. Oh well, it’s a charity shop, right? That was my little project.

Then, on Friday, we got the word at work that we had to start putting in overtime. Oddly enough, that got my body in motion. Today, Saturday, I worked in the morning. After work, I gassed and washed the car, went to the library and to the bank.

As soon as I got home, I changed into painting clothes and painted the Throne Room and the Queen bath. I also painted the handle of the plunger. The original white paint had nearly worn off, and I figured the green handle would help the plunger be less conspicuous.

As I’ve been waiting for the paint to dry (it will all need a second coat) I did a load of dishes, cleaned out the fridge and started cooking for the week. I like to make a couple batches of something that I can put into single serving containers and eat all week. This week will be cream of chicken soup and chicken enchiladas.

I went through all the mail that’s been stacking up again. I filled a bag of recycling, and a bag of garbage.

I also decided I’m not too crazy about the purse I’ve been carrying this week. I put it and another seldom-used bag in a partially filled donation box, finishing that off.

That puts me at 121 bags!

I don’t have any photos today. I want to show the Throne Room when it’s all done!

Now I’m going to play with my left-over Sedona photos and make them into greeting cards. Time for fun!

Stay tuned…