I went to see Dr. Doogie, the chiropractor, a couple of nights ago. I was really messed up from working overhead on that chandelier. She asked what I was doing after my appointment. I told her No.2 Sis was coming over and we were going to give the chandelier another try. She yelled, “NO! NO! I absolutely¬† forbid it! You have to sit in a comfy chair all evening, preferably with a Mojito. Doctor’s orders!” Okey dokey. I really, really like her.

No.2 Sis came over anyway and brought her 15 year old granddaughter. They worked on my little front garden around the tree (the tree’s name is Rocky 2). They worked their tushes off for 3 hours while I sat and watched. I forgot to take a before picture so I googled “thistles in grass”. I found this photo at looseandleafy.blogspot.com. It’s a pretty good representation of the “before” condition.


And here’s the after:


Rocky 2 and flowers.

They filled 2 bags full of weeds and such, but I won’t count them in the bag tally. It doesn’t seem right for some reason.¬† I fed No.2 Sis and my grandniece for their help, and I gave my grandniece some cash for Mormon camp. Just to clarify, I’m not a Mormon. I’m Geek Orthodox. I believe in The Force.

On the weekend, I figured I better stop decluttering and just CLEAN! Here’s the kitchen before, and after.



The dishes in the sink are washed and drying. The dishes on the counter didn’t fit in the dishwasher. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher after it ran, so it looks even better now. I filled 2 bags of garbage and 1 of recycling. I’m not sure if I should count those either, but I’m going to. That puts me at 127.

By the way, this is Peggy. She was a gift my BFF “V” brought me from Costa Rica. When my BFF “T” cleans she always faces her toward the kitchen.



I kind of like her facing the dining room, because it makes me giggle.

Don't look now, but Peggy's staring at you.

Don’t look now, but Peggy’s staring at you.

Stay tuned…