I can’t seem to get the webinar for my on-line class to work, so I’m playing on the internet instead. I found this fascinating tool to determine what town you should be living in to be amongst your political soul-mates, your peeps.


Having lived in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis for the last 30 years, I know St. Paul is the conservative, introverted sister, and Minneapolis is the liberal, extroverted sister. I’m a liberal introvert who’s happy living in St. Paul, but I expected the results of this quiz to direct me to move to Minneapolis to be with more politically like-minded individuals. Imagine my surprise when the results indicated I would be happiest living in Red Lake, Minnesota, or several nearby towns that I had never heard of.

I looked at the map. Aha! The town of Red Lake and the other unknown towns are situated on the lake named Red Lake. And  the lake is situated on the Red Lake Indian Reservation. I knew it! My peeps are Native Americans! In high school, I’d accompany my friends to the library every chance I got. While they were studying or researching term papers (I never got into that stuff) I would read everything I could find on Native Americans. I read histories by Dee Brown and others, contemporary authors like Vine Deloria, Jr, and artists’ anthologies of tribal life, like painter George Catlin and photographer Edward S. Curtis.

So, to be amongst my political soul-mates, my people, I must move to Red Lake. No more biting my tongue when my neighbors quote Fox News and put Republican election signs up in their yards. I’ll be with my peeps.

The upside of being on the rez (I feel I can call the reservation the “rez”, since I’ll soon be living there) will be multi-fold. I can downsize and perhaps get a small house or trailer. My herbal studies are based primarily on Native American tradition, so maybe I can find a herbal practitioner to apprentice with. And there is a casino right there (hello, good times).

The downside….well, I’m white. So white as to be almost translucent. I certainly won’t blend in. I don’t speak Ojibwe; that could be a problem. The unemployment rate is about 35%. And there’s a casino right there (goodbye, savings).

But here’s the deal breaker: it’s 4.5 hours from my sisters, and 6.5 hours from my BFF “G”. No freakin’ way.

So I retook the quiz and changed the last answer to say I like urban areas, versus the truth, that I don’t like urban areas. The new answer? Minneapolis, of course.

Stay tuned…

P.S. I feel I should offer some clarification. I said in this post I don’t want to live in an urban area, and said in a previous post that I can’t see myself living in the country. I am definitely a middle-of -the road woman as far as lifestyle goes, and I’m happily ensconced in the suburbs. For that matter, the sisters I call my “City Sisters” are all suburban dwellers as well. The “Country Sisters” are actually rural. Both live on farms outside of any town’s borders.