I am so proud of me. It’s really hard for me to get rid of pillows, sheets and blankets. With the two pillows I threw out last weekend and all the sheets and blankets I’ve donated, I’m down to what’s on the bed and in the blanket chest.

When we were growing up, crazy horde that we were, we each had one pillow and one blanket to last us through our childhood and adolescence. No matter how flat the pillow got, or how holey the blanket, that was it. We also had five girls sleeping in one tiny bedroom. There was a built-in bunk under each eave, and a triple bunk on the third wall. The little kids, myself included, slept on the triple bunks, and the older girls got the bunks under the eaves. But I digress. Back to the pillows and blankets.

When No.2 sis came to bed, I was already fast asleep in the middle bunk. She would yank away my flat pillow and holey blanket to supplement her own meager bedding. I would never wake up. I’d just curl up into a little shivering ball for the rest of the night.

When No.1 sis got married at 17 and moved out, she took her clothes and her flat pillow. Dad marched right over to her apartment and took the pillow back. How dare she steal a family heirloom!

And when No.4 Sis’ daughter asked for a new pillow to replace her inherited flat one, my Sis told her that pillows were expensive and they couldn’t afford new ones. What else would she think, growing up as we did? When Sis and daughter went to Target and saw how cheap pillows really were, Sis apologized profusely to her daughter and bought them each brand new pillows.

So you can see where I came by my bed linen hoarding. I didn’t even hoard nice linens, just thin old sheets and holey blankets. Goodwill might not even be able to use them for anything but rags. Now I have a nice set of summer sheets and a nice set a flannels for winter (a gift). I bought two new bed pillows. I have an oldish white coverlet and an oldish green coverlet. I have a nice queen size blanket (a gift). I have a couple of afghans (gifts). Okay, I can see a pattern here. I don’t have to rely on the kindness of friends and family to cover my bed, although I appreciate their generosity. I think it’s time to buy luscious new blankets and coverlets to go with the new pillows. Bedding fit for a Queen!

Stay tuned…