I took this whole week off work to finish ALL my home projects. Then I heard No.5 Bro is coming into town with his wife. They’ll be here all week. Parties will be scheduled. Dinners, brunches, picnics, cards. Projects will have to be fit into the gaps, much as they are during the regular work week.

No.5 and wife will arrive late tonight (Monday), so I had yesterday and today to do projects.I have a water spigot on the front of the house and one on the back. With the help of a 14 inch length of pipe, I was able to turn on the water in the back. I can’t even see the lever for the front. It’s all tucked behind the water softener. Or as I explained to my sisters, the salt machine. You know, the salt machine that makes water good? They were able to figure it out.

I linked together 2 hoses and ran them from the back spigot to the front of the house. Not quite long enough. So I ran to the hardware store AGAIN (the first time was for the pipe) and bought another hose. I linked the 3 hoses and added the power wash nozzle. Then I saw this:



Damn vandals! Unscrewing doorbells and running away! Kids these days! Why, when I was a youngster….wait a minute. The entire door frame has been freshly painted. Oh, the association must have sent someone out to do repairs. Cough, cough, well…I’m a little embarrassed by my reaction. So glad I didn’t call the police.

For a brief moment I toyed with the idea of replacing the doorbell because it’s butt-ugly. I knew that that would turn into a several hundred dollar project with the potential for serious injury, so I just fastened the doorbell back on (the screws were sitting nearby).

Then I power washed the entire front entry. The light still needs a little scrubbing. Apparently, it’s been a birdie rest stop. Eww. I took a picture, but I won’t include it here. I do have SOME boundaries!

Today, No.2 Sis came over to help me continue painting the patio chairs. The chairs look awesome! We haven’t even started the table yet. Between coats of paint, we worked on cleaning the house. We took out 3 bags of recycling and 1 bag of garbage. I also packed 2 more bags for donations, mostly clothes. It’s getting easier and easier to decide what to wear in the morning! That puts my count at 137. Sweet!

I promise I’ll post some pictures when I finish cleaning the entry and put some flowers out. I’ll also put the rug, chairs and pillow on the patio for a half-way there photo. No table, lanterns or flower pots yet. If I wait until it’s 100% done, you may not see it for a long, long, LONG time!

Stay tuned…

P.S. I almost forgot, we (meaning Sis) replaced the old, flimsy Throne Room toilet seat with a sturdy new one (buy here)! Yay, cross one more thing off the list!

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