It took 4 trips from the garage to the back of the house to populate the patio, and I’m hot and sweaty. That’s my exercise for the day. Oh wait, I still have to clean the house. Family coming over tomorrow morning.

The patio is halfway done. I’m still missing a table (not started) and some big pots. Here’s the halfway photos:

Half way there.

Halfway there.


No name elephant, later in the day.

No name elephant, later in the day.

The pillows, rug and lanterns came from Amazon. The teak elephant is old; I think she came from World Market.

Remember the before?

Patio, before.

Patio, before.

And remember the inspiration?

Stay tuned…

P.S. It’s weird how writing this blog brings up childhood memories. My Dad was quite a handy man, and he poured a concrete patio outside my childhood home. If it was just up to my Dad, I’m sure it would have been a gray concrete slab. But my Mom had him put 12 x 12 squares on the diagonal. Each square was colored in one of a few shades of pink, and while the concrete was still wet, Mom, Dad, and each of the kids put their footprints in one of the squares.

It was like our own little Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but Jane Powell had the smallest feet EVER. I’m surprised she could even stand upright, much less dance.

Mom also painted the picnic table to coordinate with the pink concrete. Each plank was pink, yellow, or red. Sounds garish, but I loved it. Maybe it was just because I was a kid, or maybe I’ve inherited Mom’s strange color sense. I miss that pink patio, but I’ll stick to the cobalt blue for now. 🙂