We’ve had a remarkably high staff turnover this spring and summer. Are engineers migratory? Even though it’s been crazy busy at work, I needed to get some decluttering done. My weekend is totally booked, so tonight was a good time to go at it. I took this “before” picture of the garage. No.2 Sis and I put in some work on it last summer, and I got many of my first 27 boxes out of here when I started the blog in January. So it looked much worse before I took this photo tonight.

Before, sort of.

Before, sort of.

I was at least able to park Gypsy Blue in here before I turned the open space into a paint booth.

I just started pulling random boxes out and went through them. I filled 5 bags of recycling. I packed my large, recycling wheelie bin to the top! It’s embarrassing that there was that much useless paper and cardboard being saved. A lot of 10 year old magazines, clip art for collages and old journals. Dr. Ima Shrink says I should keep those journals to show how far I’ve come. I think tossing them shows how far I’ve come.

By the way, I also filled one box of donations and put it in Gypsy’s back seat for a Goodwill run. I was hoping to fill the back seat, but unless Goodwill wants my old journals….no, I couldn’t inflict those on the unsuspecting public.

Stay tuned…

P.S. While I said it’s been crazy busy at work, maybe I should’ve just said crazy. This afternoon I finished a 7 sheet drawing and then:

  • Sent it to (non-migratory) engineers for review.
  • Started a new drawing.
  • Noticed an error on just-finished drawing.
  • Fixed it. Wrong. Fixed it wrong.
  • Fixed it again.
  • Saved it.
  • Computer crashed during save.
  • Fix gone.
  • Fixed it again.
  • Computer crashed before save.
  • Fixed it again. Wrong. Fixed it wrong again.
  • Fixed it again, saving after each. And. Every. Command.
  • Computer crashed.
  • Fix was saved.
  • Relief.
  • Sent it to engineers again.
  • Went back to the new drawing I’d started.
  • It was gone. Just…gone.

Do you see why I get frustrated with my work? I know, I know. Quit complaining. Do something. Harumph!