I want to make Christmas cards!!! Of course, what else would I want to do when it’s 90 degrees and sunny? All through January, I’ll want to plant a garden. I’m a little troubled.

I went into my art studio, currently functioning as a very crowded storage room. I started emptying one box at a time, instead of tearing through everything looking for Christmas paper and stamps. I managed to collect 2 full bags, 1 partial bag, and 1 partial box, for donating. I also collected 1 bag of garbage and 2 bags of recycling. Ho, ho, ho. That’s 5 bags, if you’re counting, and I am. The partials will be counted only when they’re full.

I did happen upon some Christmas paper, but no stamps. Even though I’m sorting as I go, I’m not really putting things in their final resting place. Oh, that sounds bad. I mean, permanent home. I need more shelves, baskets and filing cabinets. Or less stuff. Lots less stuff.

But, I’m so addicted to Stampin’ Up stamps, papers and tools. I used to be a Stampin’ Up demonstrator, but I’m SOOO not a salesperson, and I’d apologize to people for wasting their valuable time, and I’d insist that they not buy anything, at least for my sake. I went broke pretty quickly. I still buy a lot, but I don’t have any monthly minimums to meet. Much better for all concerned.

So, even if I decide to get rid of some older stamping sets, I have a hard time just giving them to Goodwill. It’s an emotional thing, as well as a financial thing. The last couple of years I put a bunch of sets in a friend’s rummage sale, and I made $75 and $90. I figure that’s a win-win, as I get some money, and I know if people pay for them, they’ll give them a good home. Sort of like charging $25 for a kitten.

Anyway, the art studio is still not functional, but it’s getting easier to walk around in there. Progress continues. I haven’t updated the photos, because it’s just hard to tell the difference at this point. But I did want to leave you something to look at. You know how ottomans are for feet? Be careful at my house, because the ottoman is booby-trapped. Or should I say Bella-trapped?



Stay tuned…