My Mom, Ruth, taught me that Spirit inhabits all people, animals, plants, and well, everything. Even things you might think of as inanimate objects. She also said everything has a name, and if you ask what it is, you’ll hear the answer. That’s how her apartment came to be called Elizabeth Fairchild.

I’m my mother’s daughter, so I ask things for their names. My first experience with this was when I asked my three houseplants what their names were. The first one said “Mabel”. The second one said “Maybelle”. The third one said “Maybelline”. I’m pretty sure they were just f*cking with me.

I recently went to Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, with my sisters and nieces. Maiden Rock is a tiny town on the Mississippi river, and it has a main street with quaint shops and galleries. We stopped in at Cultural Cloth, owned by friends of No.8 Sis. Jody and Mary Ann started Cultural Cloth to help indigenous women from around the world sell their crafts, especially their weavings and other textiles. We met a couple of rug hookers (sounds wrong, but that’s what they call themselves) from Guatemala while we were at the shop. While I loved the textiles, I was totally smitten with this little drinking glass from Guatemala.

Guatemalan drinking cup

Miss Priss

Isn’t it charming? I named her Miss Priss, because of her pursed lips. Then I thought to actually ask her what her name was. Magdalena. Makes sense. I belatedly asked Peggy what her name was ,too. Fortunata. Excellent. I’m putting her in charge of my penny jar.



You know, I need to quit calling my little gray work cubicle my “cell”. Bad ju-ju. As soon as I thought that, the name Tabitha popped into my head. No. I can’t call my cubicle Tabitha. I have to maintain a facade of sanity at my job. That job is what pays for food, housing and Amazon Prime.

I was thinking more along the lines of the Country Club, as in “What a lovely day. I think I shall go to the Country Club”, and “No lunch for me Jeeves, I shall dine at the Club”. Yeah, like that won’t make me look crazy. Hah.

Stay tuned…

p.s. I posted this on Chic on a Shoestring Decorating, Flaunt It Friday 218.