Yesterday, I found myself ready to go to work early. Early! That’s rare enough that I had to ask myself a series of questions.

  • Did I brush my hair?
  • Did I brush my teeth? (Different brush.)
  • Did I put on deodorant?
  • Did I take my morning medication?
  • Did I eat breakfast?
  • Did I bring a lunch?
  • Are any of my clothes on backwards or inside out?
  • Am I wearing pants?

Nothing makes you feel closer to the Alzheimer Unit at the nursing home than forgetting to wear pants. But, I was good to go. Got to work early. Amazing.

Then, last night, I found more clothes! Every time I think I’m finished sorting through all my clothes, I find more. I was putting an afghan in the leather hamper by the leopard chair, and there was a stack of summer clothes in the bottom. I must have put them there when I was going through the fall/winter stuff. Here it is, mid-August, and I haven’t missed those summer clothes once. I added them to the Goodwill bag I had already started. Boom. They’re outta here!

Today I went to Stillwater, a lovely town on the St. Croix River, for a little touring/shopping/dining with BFF “C”, BFF “B” and No.2 Sis. I bought the cutest little birdcage.




I used to be able to walk all the way down main street and back, but now I can only make it one way before my wobbly knees give out. The girls left me on a bench with a bottle of water and the hope that somehow I’d find my way home. Then they walked back to the car. They were joking….I hoped. Indeed, they stopped to pick me up on their way out of town. Although “C” did pull forward a little bit every time I reached for the door handle.

I was so tired when I got home that I laid down for a short nap. I woke up 4 hours later. Oh dear, I hope I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Somehow, I think I will.

Stay tuned…