My work friend, “M”, told me she practices the violin two hours every night. Two. Hours. If I had been putting two hours every night into cleaning the house, it’d be spotless by now. If I’d have done my herbal studies two hours every night, I would be a certified herbalist! If I’d have drawn for two hours, EVERY NIGHT, I’d have built upon my modest talent and might have work in a gallery!!! But I want to do it all, plus exercise, cook, read, write….. So how about 5 minutes of each every night? Oh, that’s kind of what I have been doing. That focus thing, it’s a toughie.

I figure if I can’t spend two hours cleaning, at least I can tackle the most pressing problem at home. That would be the clogged sink in the Queen bathroom.

clogged sink

Sink, before.

That’s a picture of the sink with the plug fully disengaged. And yes, I have rubber duckies, plural. Doesn’t everyone? I have a snake to clean the drain, but I find a wire hanger works better, because I don’t have to take the drain apart to use it. Well, the hanger works better until it gets stuck in the drain. Maybe the snake would have been preferable, after all. About ten minutes of wiggling and yanking later, the hanger came out. Whew. And the water drained out too. Success!

Unclogged drain.

Ducky down.

Stay tuned…