The detox diet is going well, thanks for asking.

So after dropping out of art school and washing out as a waitress, literally washing out, I had to look back at my oh so useful career testing. I’d lost faith in the interest test after it revealed I was interested in being an artist, writer, musician or Merchant Marine officer. I looked at the test that questioned me about my work environment preferences, and dismissed those results. Assistant pastry chef. Not even head pastry chef. Harumph.

Ah, the Queen of career testing, the guidance counselor’s gold standard, the aptitude test. Let’s see, I showed a strong aptitude for Mechanical Engineering…or Chemical Engineering…or Electrical Engineering….or Facilities Engineering…or Aerospace Engineering… Okay, okay, you don’t have to beat me over the head with it.

I didn’t want to go to a four year college, because I was pretty sure that meant four more years of not being able to afford food, and food was kind of my main motivation to find a career. So I went down to the local technical institute and signed up for a two year Mechanical Drafting course. Engineering Lite.

And to my surprise, I did have an aptitude for it! I was tied for the top of the class, which I was none too modest about. I got a LOT of crap from the boys. It was not fun. I mean beating them was fun, but the harassment, not so much.

I couldn’t wait to get out of school, and I took the first job offer I got. It paid $4.50 per hour and I  jumped on it. The top guy got a job for $8.00 per hour, but whatever. $4.50 sounded like enough to buy groceries.

The supervisor interviewing me warned me that I’d be working with shop guys and manufacturing guys, and well, sometimes they can be a little crude or rough. I assured him that nothing could be worse than the way the guys at school treated me. I was right. I’ve never encountered that level of hostility again.

A couple of years later, I moved back to the big city, Minneapolis, because I could afford an apartment in a nice neighborhood AND food! I’ve been here ever since, and I’ve never looked back. Okay, I often look back, but the point is, I’ve had a good career. I’ve been a Mechanical Designer for 35 years, and I have less than 10 years until retirement. Then…. I’m going back to art school.

Stay tuned…