Do you remember in “City Slickers” when Curly (Jack Palance) gave Mitch (Billy Crystal) the secret of life? “One”, he said, “The secret of life is one thing”. Of course, we have to figure out what that one thing is, and it may be different for each of us. Which brings me back to…you got it…focus.

I really want to focus on getting the garage pretty much emptied out so I can store the patio set inside this winter. After the days and days of painting, I can’t leave it to the merciless Minnesota weather anymore. I’ve invested too much. So, until the garage is done, that’s my “one thing”.

garage clutter

The next pile…view 1.

garage clutter

The next pile…view 2.

Monday: Came straight home from work and made a delicious dinner of sauteed chicken tenders, mashed cauliflower (faux-tatoes), and grilled asparagus. Worked in the garage and packed up 3 more boxes for Goodwill, all books. Filled a bag of recycling, which won’t fit into the bin until after next week’s pickup. Brought a load of old papers into the house to shred. I’ll shred them, bag them and count them later. Bag count: 186.

Tuesday: You know, the problem with this Queendom is that there are too many jesters and not enough counselors (councilors?). Bella, the chief jester, insists on playing with the drawstring from my gym pants instead of the toys I buy her. I guess that’s okay, except my gym pants keep falling down.

Back into the garage I go, holding my pants up with one hand. I got 2 more boxes packed into Gypsy Blue’s back seat. Again, mostly books. I also started a bag of fabric from my delusional “I want to be a costume designer” phase. The bag isn’t full yet, so it doesn’t count. Goodwill drop-off tomorrow. Bag count: 188.

cat with string

Bella, Chief Jester

Wednesday: Maybe I don’t need more counselors in my Queendom. Maybe I need an Exchequer. You know, the guy who collects taxes from the serfs and distributes them to me, the Queen. Wait, maybe I need some serfs.

Since I have no serfs, I worked on the garage some more. Found my scarf collection. Yay, scarves are back in! Found more fabric, tons of jewelry-making supplies, and some dress patterns from the 1980’s. Those were good for a laugh. Filled another box and 2 more bags for Goodwill. Bag count: 191.

Garage progress

Garage progress

Stay tuned…

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