I got this free e-book from Amazon, “Kitchen Organization for Weight Loss Success”, by Angela Agranoff. I was hoping that it would help me organize my kitchen for weight loss success. Not so much. It had tips that I’ve heard and followed for years. Keep healthy veg snacks in the fridge. Clean the sugary crap out of the pantry. Well, yeah.

I was hoping for advice like where to set up a cutting station, next to the fridge where the veg are, or next to the sink where the garbage disposal is? Where do I set up the tea station, next to the tea cabinet or next to the water source or nearest the cups? I just know I have to move the electric tea pot away from the counter-top grill. One morning I got the cords mixed up and had hot water and raw bacon for breakfast.

I set up the kitchen when I moved to this lovely cottage eleven years ago. At that time, I didn’t really cook, so the (unused) pans went into the farthest cabinet, on the outskirts of the kitchen. The storage containers were next. The dishes were next to the fridge, because that’s as close as I could get them to the dishwasher. The “junk” cabinet, where I now store the unused coffee maker and toaster, is in the lower cabinet next to the fridge, wasting prime real estate. Hmmm, it all needs to be rearranged.

BUT, I’m focusing on the garage, remember? How dare you try to distract me with the disorganized kitchen! (That seems to be me, talking to myself). The problem is, as I clean out the garage, I keep finding more things I want to bring back into the house. I have no room in the house! That’s how this whole decluttering thing started!

I have to go through the boxes slated to come into the house, again. I need to pare them back by at least 50%, preferably 75%. This is not uncommon for me, though. I often have to go through things twice, or thrice, or…frice?

I’m sure I’ll be making another trip to Goodwill soon. I should ask the guy at Goodwill his name. I’ve seen him more often than I saw a lot of guys that I dated, back in the day. We may have something special going on here.

Excuse me, my breakfast is ready. Hot water. Raw bacon. My favorite.

Stay tuned…