I’ve been on my low-carb program for 6 weeks and I’m completely off my 2 oral diabetes meds, and completely off of insulin! My blood sugar readings are great! I’m doing my happy dance, la, la, la….oh my knees! My knees!

Also, I’ve gotten rid 201 bags, boxes, and pieces of furniture since January! I’m doing my happy dance, la,la,la….safely from my chair.

I brought in these boxes from the garage to go through them again. Obviously, it’s too much to keep.


boxes of craft supplies

Can. Not. Keep.

I haven’t gotten very far. I’ve only gotten one more box of donations packed up. However, I went back into the garage and filled up the recycling bin to overflowing. More broken down cardboard boxes. I counted that as 4 bags. I would normally count the recycling bin as 6 bags, but there’s some of last week’s cardboard jammed in the bottom. I’ll have to crawl in and fish it out if it doesn’t come out during the next pick-up.

You may or may not be wondering where all the cardboard came from if I haven’t gone through very many boxes this week. Well, I’m a Hoarder, Third Class.

A First Class Hoarder has piles of junk (paper, clothes, boxes, who knows?), garbage, like food waste, and possibly human waste. A First Class Hoarder is the kind of person who wonders what happened to Fluffy, and years later finds Fluffy’s dessicated corpse under a pile of crap.

A Second Class Hoarder has piles of junk and garbage (food wrappers, etc) around the house. The plumbing still works, so there’s no human waste, and they haven’t had any pets mysteriously disappear.

A Third Class Hoarder has piles of junk everywhere. It isn’t pretty, but it’s not life threatening. My Mom was a Hoarder, Third Class, as well. When she divorced her second husband (Step-Wienie), my siblings helped her move her things out of their little home (trailer). She was packing the rental van full of box after box after box. No.4 Sis went to rearrange them and found they were all EMPTY. Mom was packing empty boxes, because she “might need them someday”.

This is all a very long way to say that I was able to refill the recycling bin because a large part of the garage is covered in EMPTY BOXES! Because I thought I might need them for something, someday. And filling the bin two weeks ago, and filling the bin this week, is not going to finish off the empty box hoard. It will take at least one more pick-up just to get rid of the empty boxes. That’s even if I don’t go through any more packed boxes.

Oh my Goddess, when did I turn into Mom? How depressing! But, but, but….I’m off of my diabetes meds!!! And I’ve gotten rid of 201 boxes/bags!!! Happy dance, la, la, la!!!

Stay tuned…