After my parents’ divorce, Dad got the chaotic little house, and Mom bought a chaotic little trailer. Well, it wasn’t chaotic when she bought it, but after she lived there a while along with me and No.7 Sis, it became pretty chaotic.

No. 7 Sis and I got home from school one day, looked around at the mess, and decided to surprise Mom by cleaning up. We did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom, vacuumed, dusted…we got that crappy little trailer sparkling.

Mom got home, looked around, and toured through the whole trailer without saying a word. Then she came back into the living room where we were waiting and said, “Well, you could have at least made my bed”. What’s the opposite of “motivating”? Whatever it is, that was Mom.

Regarding my bedroom, the bed is rarely made, and clutter seems to pile up quickly. I’ve again used Fabnfree‘s cleaning checklist to focus my effort, this time on the Queen bedroom.

Queen Bedroom: 1 hour 20 minutes

messy bedroom

QB view 1, before.

Wow, that looks wonky. I feel a little seasick.

messy bedroom

QB view 2, before.

messy bedroom

QB view 3, before.

messy bedroom

QB view 4, before.

Okay, it took an hour and 20 minutes. But didn’t it originally take six weeks? And it’s so pretty when it’s clean!


clean bedroom

QB view 1, after.

clean bedroom

QB view 2, after.

The wicker tray in the corner is for when I want to have tea and cruise Pinterest while in bed.

clean bedroom

QB view 3, after.

clean bedroom

QB view 4, after.

Here’s a couple of bonus shots, using some items kept during the garage purge.

nightstand vignette

Kwan Yin.

side table vignette

Yin/yang box

The 7 additional bags that bring my count up to 211 didn’t come from the bedroom. I collected them from the garage before yesterday’s pick-up. 6 bags of recycling, mostly cardboard boxes, and 1 bag of garbage.

Stay tuned…