Bella, the cat, got me up at 8:00 this morning. I got myself some breakfast and then made a list of things I should get done today. 27 things. Oh. My. Goddess.

I sat in my easy chair, whimpering, until noon. This is the effect long lists have on me. I had to call No.2 Sis for support. She told me that even Mary Kay (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics) said you can only get 6 things done in a day. And Mary Kay was a workaholic, which I am most definitely not.

So I threw a coat over my ever so chic sweat suit and told Bella, “I shall return anon”. Yeah, she has no idea what that means.

1. Go to Chuck and Don’s to pick up cat food. DONE! I even remembered to find my coupons first. Yay!

2. Go to Walgreens to pick up Walgreens type stuff. DONE! And what I needed was on sale. And gave me 3000 points. Oh, joy!

3. Cook. DONE! I’m not sure that should have been one task, because I needed to marinate and freeze 3 kinds of chicken, cook some veg, and make a shrimp salad. If it’s only one, it’s a BIG one.

Chicken: Citrus Herb, Fajitas, Parmesan

Chicken: Citrus Herb, Fajitas, Parmesan

Shrimp Salad. Oops, forgot the slivered almonds.

Shrimp Salad. Oops, forgot the slivered almonds.

4. Lay out clothes for the week.  DONE! Because it’s been so chilly at work, I started with a big shirt, sweater, or jacket and built from there.


Clothes for the week. Oops, forgot the pants.

5. Clean and cut up the cat box. DONE! The lid is broken. It keeps trying sever my arm every time I clean the box, so I had to remove it (the lid, not my arm). A new box is on its way from Amazon.

6. Take out the garbage and recycling. DONE! I won’t count the garbage bags because it was just the usual weekly accumulation. But I recycled 6 bags worth of paper and cardboard.

I also filled up a bag of food to take to work for our annual food drive. So that gives me 7 bags for the week, putting my count at 218. Sweeeeet!

Stay tuned…

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