Well, the Republicans won the mid-term elections, so my hoarding instincts have kicked in. I need to be able to survive for the next two years, no matter how f*cked up things get. My shopping list so far:

  1. 104 rolls of toilet paper.
  2. 730 gallons of water.
  3. 104 pounds of bacon.
  4. 730  104  52  6 cans of vegetables.

Just kidding, I don’t expect things to change much. I just need to keep cleaning, decluttering and organizing. Today I’m focusing on the living room.

Out of control!

Out of control!

It was dark outside by the time I took the “after” pictures. This took 1 hour and 20 minutes of focused labor. I’m slow.

Clean living room.

Clean living room.

I really need blinds for the windows. The curtains were whipped up by my BFF “L” as a temporary measure, 11 years ago.

I still have the TV cabinet in the living room, even though the TV isn’t plugged in. I cut the cable service months ago to save money. I love the cabinet, though. She says her name is Beth.

TV cabinet


The dining room is still a mess. I have a layer of card making supplies on the table, and a layer of jewelry making supplies on top of that.

I almost ordered more craft supplies to make these little felt houses for the mantel. Did I really think the dining room table could hold another layer of projects? I stopped myself when I realized I could make the houses out of Christmas scrapping paper instead. AFTER I clean up the card making supplies and the jewelry making supplies.



I filled 1 bag of recycling. I’m up to 219 total, as of today.

Stay tuned…

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