Do you want to know the absolute, number one, most effective way to lose weight? Get rid of all your smaller clothes.

So far I’ve lost 20 pounds on this low-carb regimen. My pants are starting to fall off, so I bought two new pairs of jeans. I need to put at least four pairs of pants into the donation bag. But if getting rid of smaller clothes makes you lose weight, will getting rid of bigger clothes make you gain the weight back? Break into small groups and discuss.

My cooking is really improving though. The three kinds of chicken I cooked last weekend turned out quite good. Here are links to the recipes, in order of my preference:

Heroin Chicken Tenders.

Chicken Fajitas.

Citrus Herb Chicken.

The year before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, No.2 Sis and I went there for a week-long vacation. We had an awesome time, doing our usual vacation things; touring, eating and shopping. One day we popped into a local restaurant for brunch. They had Eggs Creole on the menu. It sounded like a local version of Eggs Benedict, which I love. I asked the waitress if it was spicy. She said, “Oh no, not at all. Wait a minute, where are you from?” When we told her we were from Minnesota, she gave us a frowny face. “Oh yes, yes. It’s WAY too spicy for you”.

Our reputation for bland, white food precedes us.

So here’s how I made these chicken recipes Minnesota friendly, and perfect for me.

Heroin Chicken Tenders: Cut the amount of paprika in half.

Chicken Fajitas: Cut both the chili powder and cumin in half. Omit the chopped chili peppers.

Citrus Herb Chicken: Omit the McCormick’s Lemon Herb.

There, fixed them for you. Enjoy!

Stay tuned…