Queen Bath: 7 minutes to pick up jewelry and clothes.

Queen Bedroom: 10 minutes to pick up clothes and make bed.

Kitchen: 18 minutes to do dishes, and put away stuff on counters. I still need to clean the freezer. I have an order coming from Omaha Steaks so I need the freezer space. 44 pieces of meat for $107 dollars, including shipping! The deal I got seems to have expired, but check their website (here) for new deals daily.

Living room: 25 minutes to pick up Stamples, books, magazines, mail, totes, and general junk. I never got to this room last weekend, so it’s bad.

Living room.

Living room.

Living room

Much better.

Damn, it took me until Tuesday to finish my weekly home maintenance, so I didn’t get any more bags or boxes filled. I even forgot to do my personal maintenance, that is, trim my mustache. I mentioned to my friend that I’d forgotten to use my tweezers this weekend and she said, “Don’t worry, your beard and mustache are barely noticeable”. What, I have a beard too? Ah, the joys of menopause.


Here’s the real reason I get so little done. I read, I read a lot. This week I read #7 in the Jolie Gentil (means “pretty nice” in French) cozy mystery series. In the process of a divorce, Jolie moves to the small town of Ocean Alley, New Jersey, to live with her Aunt. The series has mysteries, of course, but also lots of humor and a little romance.

I love the series, so before reading #7, I went back and read #1-6. I also read 1 non-fiction book, How Not to Run a B & B. That was quite entertaining, too!

Appraisal for Murder (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 1)

Rekindling Motives (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 2)

When the Carny Comes to Town (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 3)

Any Port in a Storm (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 4)

Trouble on the Doorstep (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 5)

Behind the Walls (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 6)

Vague Images (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Book 7)

Or, you can go for the gusto and save some money, and buy books 1-3 and 4-6 as sets.

Ocean Alley Adventures (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Books 1-3)

Jolie Gentil Translates to Trouble (Jolie Gentil Mysteries Books 4-6)

Here’s the link to the non-fiction book:

How Not to Run a B & B

Stay tuned…


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