Thursday was the big holiday potluck at “The Company” so, of course, I spent all of Wednesday evening slaving over a hot stove. Actually, even though my cooking has been improving, I wimped out. I brought napkins to the potluck. I really need to have have more confidence in myself! Next year I’m going to bring a souffle, or an etouffe, or paper cups.

I ate WAY too much sugar at the potluck, and I’m having difficulty stopping. I have at least two more parties to attend before Christmas is over. They’re both at No.2 Sis’s house, which is where I weigh myself. Maybe if I weigh myself before starting on the food, it will help me stay in control.

Why don’t I have a scale at my house, you may wonder? Because I get crazy weird obsessive and weigh myself every few minutes if I have an easily accessible scale. Paints an optimistic picture of my self-control, doesn’t it? I’m doomed.

Today, Friday, I had a manicure and pedicure appointment. I bought the mani/pedi from Groupon, because it was half price. But it was in Wisconsin! In a different state! I thought I could drive it a little (lot) for such a good deal. Penny wise, pound foolish. Including travel time, it took two and a half hours.  But my digits are ravishing in Raspberry Ripple. Note to self: Don’t buy out of state services (fool).

I should be either decluttering or starting my weekend maintenance cleaning, but I’m a little wiped out. I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’m going to draw Tarot cards to see where to focus.

WOO-WOO ALERT (Tarot reading ahead):

Should I do maintenance on the Queen bed and bath? Prince of pentacles. Slow and steady work pays off.

Should I do maintenance on the living room (which I ignored last weekend)? Sun. Brilliant success!

Should I do maintenance on the kitchen? Prince of wands. Oooh, passion and creativity. Maybe I WILL try an etouffe!

Should I start decluttering the dining room? Chariot. Bold advances will be made!

Should I continue decluttering the Studio? Priest. Inspiration.

So the answer is…..get off your full and generous bottom, and do SOMETHING! They all turn out well, but the Sun was the highest card pulled, so it’s time to do the weekend maintenance on the living room.


I got the living room cleaned, but I didn’t time it. I also sprinkled a few Xmas decorations around. I haven’t done that in years! It was a brilliant success!

Blue and silver mantel.

Blue and silver mantel.

crocheted ornaments

Crocheted by Step-Mom

ceramic Santa Claus

Santas made by No.2 Sis

Christmas ornaments

Bowl of bling

Stay tuned…

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