Hutch drawers.

Hutch drawers.

I decided to work on the hutch drawers, which was probably a mistake. After all, I still have a mess on the dining room table and the dining room floor. Sometimes it’s nice to take on an easily finished task, though.

The drawers were full of craft stuff, besides the usual dining room stuff. The left drawer was jam-packed with adhesives of every type, and the right drawer was full of paper scraps.

The paper scraps included empty tea bags. There’s a craft, started by a Dutch woman, called tea bag folding. She started using tea bags to make flowers and stars that can be used to embellish cards or scrapbooks.

Cleaning out the drawers inspired me to make a few tea bag folding stars.

Tea bag folding.

Tea bag folding.

Most of the stars are made from special tea bag folding paper, but the one shown on the yellow background is actually made from tea bags that I had saved.

Here are links to tea bag folding books at Amazon. Some may be out of print, but still available from other sellers. It’s a fun craft to do while watching TV.

Which reminds me, I have a TV running now! I was having trouble setting up my Amazon Fire TV , because of an internet problem. I called my internet provider and finally got through to a human in India by continuously pressing zero. Bill (What? I’m sure lots of Indians are named Bill) got my internet fixed and my Amazon Fire TV up and running.

Yay! Now I can watch “Big Bang Theory” until my eyeballs bleed!

Stay tuned…

p.s. I reached 231 bags by finishing off a donation box and dropping that and an end table (from the garage) at Goodwill.

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