I was craving walleye for dinner so I went to the drive-through at Culver’s. Turns out that they only have walleye during Lent. What is the link between Jesus and walleye? Did the loaves and fishes miracle consist of butter buns and walleyes? Were there walleyes in the Sea of Galilee? Because I know there are walleyes in Minnesota; it’s our state fish. Harumph, no walleye, indeed.

I had the North Atlantic cod instead, and it was excellent. Take that, Jesus.


Back to the cozy mysteries. This week it’s the Jolene Jackson mysteries. Jolene gets a call from her mother, Lucille, who’s in jail on suspicion of murder. Jolene doesn’t want to return to her home town of Kickapoo, Texas, but she has to rescue Lucille. Which also means she has to face her handsome, sexy high school sweetheart, Jerry Don Parker.

Hot Enough to Kill (A Jolene Jackson Mystery Book 1)

Dead Man Falls (A Jolene Jackson Mystery Book 2)

Lots of humor and a little romance, just the way I like them.

Stay tuned…

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