As the old year passes and the new year begins, I’m looking back on my hundred or so blog posts and thinking, “Did I really have that much to say?” Well, yes, apparently I did. Here are my favorite posts of 2014.

37, in which I reminisce about my last visit with Dad.

Simple Steps to Hanging a Chandelier, in which I chronicle the worst possible way to go about changing a light fixture in your home.


Pillow Talk, in which I reveal my strange relationship with bed linens.

196, in which I reorganize the kitchen for food preparation, and finally give up on my life-long dream to turn it into a craft room.


Money Is Dirty (But I Like It Anyway), in which I count my change jar and reminisce about a trip to England with No.1 Sis and No.2 Sis.


Do you have other favorites? Please leave feedback in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned…