A few years back, Barbara Streisand was performing in Minneapolis. The tickets were $400 each. A co-worker asked me if I was going and I said, “Are you kidding? I wouldn’t pay $400 to see anyone! I wouldn’t pay $400 to witness the second coming of Christ!”

I thought about it for a bit and I realized I would pay $400 to see the Beatles. Of course, two of them would have to come back from the dead.

I just got back from Las Vegas, where I got to see the Beatles! And it only cost $46. Viva Las Vegas, baby!

Las Vegas

Okay, they were Beatles impersonators, but they put on a very fun show and the sisters and I had a great time. After the show, I bought the “complimentary” photo they took of our band of sisters on the way in. The Beatles autographed it for me, I flirted with each and every one of them, and even shook “Paul’s” hand. I love America!

Are you wondering if I won big money in Vegas? Alas, I did not. I only lost one half of what I’d budgeted, though, so I came home with some cash. I guess I could count that as money saved this month, but it seems a bit delusional.

Can you imagine telling your financial counselor, “I’m trying to be more fiscally responsible, so I only went to casinos 7 days this month. Yay, me!” I might as well add, “And I saved $354 on Beatles tickets!”

Stay tuned…

ps. This was meant to be posted on the 18th, but apparently I forgot to hit the publish button. Rookie mistake.