I cooked fajitas on Sunday and it still smells like a Mexican cantina today. Good thing I like the smell of Mexican cantinas. Although it does make me want a cerveza con lima.

I’ve been working 10 hour days since I returned from vacation, and my urge to declutter is dormant. I had to force myself into my art studio turned storage room. I promised myself I would go through one box. This box.

Box, before and after.

Box, before and after.

I found a 3-hole punch, 2 calculators, 3 expired credit cards, a box of outdated business cards, a crap load of CD’s and an even bigger crap load of floppy disks!

There was also a folder with my entire work and education history. I hope to never need that again, as I’d like to work at “The Company” until retirement. I’ll keep it just in case, though.

There was a large stack of used, but serviceable file folders, paper tablets, and hanging files. There was also a bunch of printer paper and another box of envelopes. I must have found a dozen boxes of envelopes during my decluttering. Did I buy a new box every time I needed to mail something?

I also found a large envelope of photos from a vacation taken in 2003. Where the vacation was taken is not immediately apparent. I should be able to figure it out with further study.

I started another donation box, and added to the garbage and recycling bins. Nothing came up to a full bag or box, so I’m still at 233, but progress is being made!

Stay tuned…