Imbolc (pronounced i-MOLK) is an ancient Celtic festival usually celebrated on February 1st. It’s approximately halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, which falls on February 3rd this year. It marks the beginning of early spring in Celtic lore, and is dedicated to the Goddess Brigid, the Mother Goddess.

Imbolc is full of fires, feasts, and requests for the Goddess to bless farms and homes.

It’s also a noted day for weather prognostication. If the weather on Imbolc is sunny, that means that winter will last a good deal longer. If it’s cloudy, winter will soon be over. Sounds a lot like Groundhog Day, doesn’t it?

The Goddess Brigid eventually became St. Brigid, and Imbolc became St. Brigid’s feast day. You know how those Christians just come in and take over everything.

I don’t get Imbolc off of work, more’s the pity, but I do plan on celebrating in my own little way. I’ll take down all the Yule decorations (no, I haven’t done that yet). I’ll decorate the mantel with an herb garden and the coffee table with spring greenery. I’ll burn the winter greenery (blue-silvery?) in a fire bowl on the patio.

If I hadn’t been cleaning and decluttering all year, I’d start my spring cleaning on Imbolc. It’s so nice to look forward to spring!
Early Spring Mantel
Note: The background information in this post came from Wikipedia.

p.s. The herb garden didn’t qualify for Amazon Prime, so it hasn’t arrived yet.

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