Gag Gifts & Eucalyptus Shower Bombs

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My best friend since high school, “G” (G is for Goddess), came up from Lanesboro in southern Minnesota to visit me this weekend. We celebrated my birthday and Christmas. She brought me some lovely, serious gifts, but the gag gifts just made my day! They’re from Slant Avenue Mercantile.


I got her a refrigerator magnet that says “Life is too short to be taken seriously”. I made her an emergency birthday card kit, consisting of 8 hand-made cards, 8 envelopes, and 8 “Forever” stamps. I also gave her a couple of pairs of hand-made earrings.

The final gift I gave “G” was eucalyptus shower bombs (great for clearing sinuses) and I put them in a pretty jar. I was a little worried they would be overpowering, because they sure stunk up the kitchen. I tried them in the shower though, and they were much more subtle as they dissolved.

I found the instructions for the shower bombs on Pinterest, but I think I’d do them a little differently next time.


Take one cup of water and add 15-20 drops of eucalyptus oil or another essential oil. Pour 2 boxes of baking soda (16 ounces each) into a big bowl.

SLOWLY add the scented water to the baking soda, while stirring constantly. Stop when you can squeeze a handful of the mixture and it holds together. You may not need to use all the water.

Pack the pasty mixture tightly into ice cube trays. Silicon trays will work the best. This step is messy. You may want to cover your work surface with waxed paper or parchment paper before packing the trays.


Pack ice cube trays.

Let the bombs dry for a few hours and then gently turn them out onto your work surface. The bombs will still be slightly damp. Let them dry overnight.

shower bombs

Turn out to dry.

After they’re fully dry, put bombs in a decorative jar or another moisture tight container. They will start to dissolve as soon as they contact any moisture.

shower bombs

Decorative jar.

This recipe made over 50 bombs. If that’s too many for you, cut the amounts of ingredients in half.

To use, put a couple on the floor of the shower, and let the water do the rest! Enjoy!

Stay tuned…

6 New Year’s Resolutions

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I was only going to make one New Year’s resolution this year. Unfortunately, No.2 Sis insisted that “be perfect” was an inappropriate resolution. She thinks maybe I should come up with something a little more realistic.

I don’t remember making any resolutions last year, although perhaps I did and just forgot. I got a lot accomplished in 2014 anyway.

I started decluttering the house and garage. I got 231 bags, boxes, and small pieces of furniture to a donation center, the garbage, or recycling. I’m not done, Goddess help me, but I’ve made a huge amount of progress.

I organized the Queen bedroom, Queen bathroom, Queen closet, and kitchen. And I got the chandelier hung in the Throne Room.

I started cooking, and I started eating in a more healthful way. Of course, there was one slip-up (lasting from Thanksgiving through Christmas), but I lowered my blood sugar enough to go off all of my diabetes medications, and lost 22 pounds.

I started this blog, and posted to it pretty regularly. Do you know how many projects like that I’ve started and given up on within weeks? I don’t even want to think about it.

One thing I didn’t do so well, was manage my finances. I ran a credit card up to the limit, and it will probably take two years to pay off. That’s IF I can be diligent with large payments and make no more charges.

So, here are my resolutions for 2015:

1. Cut credit card debt by half.

2. Continue decluttering and blogging.

3. Continue to cook, and eat well.

4. Take a photography course.

5. Take a tech writing course.

6. Learn Tai Chi.

That’s manageable, right? I’ll have to do a reality check with No.2 Sis to be sure.

Oh, I do remember making a New Year’s resolution for 2014. I was determined to finish my Herbal Studies course. That lasted about 3 weeks. I’m now going into the sixth year of a two year course, and it doesn’t seem important enough to add it to the above list. Hmmm, that’s giving me some information, isn’t it?

Happy New Year, and I wish you great success with all your endeavors!

Stay tuned…

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