I’m having a very hard time making any decluttering headway in my art studio. I want to keep everything!

I came across these books that I bought on various trips. They bring back so many memories. The top two books are from Spain. Ah, Spain. If ever my high school Spanish failed me, it was in Spain.

travel books

No.2 Sis and I spent a week or so in Spain, and being ever aware of pick-pockets, I kept all my money in a rip-stop nylon money pouch under my pants. Rip-stop nylon doesn’t breathe, and after a few days my navel developed an oozy, bloody infection.

All the medicines are kept behind the counter in Spanish pharmacies, so I had to pantomime my need for an antibiotic cream. I am grateful it was only a navel infection, though. No.8 Sis once had to pantomime a yeast infection in Thailand.

Why did the Spanish teacher make me learn “Pedro has a yellow pencil” when “My belly-button is oozing” would be so much more useful?

I love Rick Steves’ phrase books and buy them for all of my foreign trips. He has a special section of emergency phrases, such as “Cab driver, slow down or I will vomit”. Now that’s useful!

So far, I’ve collected 1 bag of recycling from the studio. That brings me to 236.

And, after 2 days of my morning ritual, I find I have to tweak it a bit.
Revised morning ritual:

  1. Smile. Refrain from growling and/or cursing when alarm goes off.
  2. Stretch.
  3. Take 3 deep breaths.
  4. Open eyes. (Forgot this in original ritual…very important.)
  5. Drink 2 glasses of some water.
  6. Ask and answer empowering questions. (Can I do it in Telly Savalas’ voice, “Who loves ya, baby”?) This just feels silly, even without using Telly Savalas’ voice.
  7. Plan 3 accomplishments for the day.
  8. Affirmations, geared towards accomplishments or the way I want to feel during the day.

Stay tuned…

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