This is a sad time for myself and all others of the Geek Orthodox persuasion. Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, passed away yesterday. Mr. Nimoy will be greatly missed. Peace, my brother.

Meanwhile, I mustn’t use grief and illness as an excuse for inaction. I’ve previously mocked my mother, in the most loving way possible, because she retired 5 months early so she could clean her 5 room apartment. She figured 1 month per room should just about do it.

I’m having a Stampin’ Up party in a month so I have to clean my dining room. I have to say, I’m developing a bit of empathy for Mom right about now. My dining room looks like more than a month’s worth of work. The trouble is, I make a little headway cleaning, and then I want to play with my stamps, which causes a LOT of backsliding.

And then I think to myself, perhaps it would be best to continue to work on my art studio so I can move my stamping supplies back there, where they belong. And once again, I’ve lost focus. Sigh. This is my standard operating procedure.

So…dining room. I have the table loaded, the hutch loaded, the chairs loaded, boxes behind the couch, and a pile of things in the corner by the kitchen. I’m going to focus on clearing the chairs (without adding to the other piles).

Bad chairs.

Dirty, dirty chairs! Bad chairs, bad!

Good chairs.

Good chairs! Who’s a good chair? That’s right, you’re my good chair!

Stay tuned…