I’m still working on the dining room in anticipation of my Stampin’ Up party. It’s scheduled for 3 weeks from today.

I’m doing things in order of easiest first. Last weekend I unloaded the chairs and put away all the junk that had been piled on them. This weekend I took on the pile of stuff by the kitchen.

Dining Room Corner

There were boxes of jewelry making supplies and stamping supplies. I put them in the art studio closet in an organized fashion. I still have too many stamp sets that I don’t use. I’m tagging them with a price and putting them in a “for sale” box. I’m planning on putting them on e-bay this month.

I put the step stool in the garage. I recycled the empty boxes and threw away the little styrofoam cooler.  The boxes and the cooler added up to one bag, so that puts me at 243.

Now I want to make some more cards. This is my open work space on the dining room table.


I guess clearing the table should be next, yah?

Stay tuned…