I went to No.1 Sis’s for Easter dinner, along with her son, Dude, her grandson, Ryan, and Ryan’s 6 month old daughter, among many others. Dude was joking that he hadn’t seen Ryan for so long he could hardly remember him.

Dude said, “What’s your name again…um, Bryan”? I told him that that was right, his nephew’s name is Bryan, with a silent “B”.

I got to see my sister’s great-granddaughter for the first time. She wouldn’t let anyone but Mama hold her though. I remember, Bryan-with-a silent-B was exactly the same way as a baby.

I haven’t been writing much about my cottage lately, but that’s only because I haven’t been working on my cottage lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time with No.2 Sis.

She lost her husband a couple of months ago (a sweet man who is missed, terribly) and she decided to move out of their rambling, four-level house. She found a darling one-level townhouse on her first day of looking around and she put in an offer right away.

The new townhouse looks like this, except it's not on a beach, and it's sandwiched between other townhouses. But otherwise, just like this.

The new townhouse looks like this, except it’s not on a beach, and it’s sandwiched between other townhouses. But otherwise, just like this. Kind of.

Sis wants to do some renovations on the townhouse, so I’ve been helping her shop for hardwood floors, a gas fireplace, counter-tops, tiling and paint. Then we had to look for furniture to fit her petite frame, instead of the furniture that fit her burly husband.

Why is it so much more fun to shop for No.2 Sis than to shop for myself? Money. It’s all about the money. I get the thrill of shopping without having to pay the bills.

After the shopping has come the painting, and the wallpaper stripping. And the packing. And the marking of items for a garage sale. And the setting up of the internet.

I love it. I can feel like I’ve accomplished something, and yet I don’t have to clean up the paint brushes, or vacuum up the shredded wallpaper. I’m an excellent starter. I’d rather delegate the finishing to someone else.

After No.2 Sis gets settled into her new townhouse, I’ll be back at work on my little cottage. Until then, I’ll have fun spending Sis’s money!

Stay tuned…