Yay! I made some decluttering progress! Not without help, of course.

No.2 Sis has a friend who’s having a garage sale in a couple of weeks, and Sis and I got permission to put some of our items in, too. I helped Sis mark and pack her items for the sale, so she came and helped me with my junk.

We got 5 boxes of stuff priced and packed and put into No.2 Sis’ car, and she even delivered them to her friend’s house for me!

I packed up 2 boxes of stamp sets to sell. I sold some to a stamping buddy at work ($20 of extra income in April, woohoo!) and let No.4 Sis look through the boxes and take what she wanted. The rest went to the rummage sale.

I also had a bunch of household items, table linens, a brand new radio/alarm clock (the numbers shine too brightly), a light table (never used), my food processor (used once), and a coffee maker. Whatever doesn’t sell gets picked up by the Salvation Army. I might make some money, but best of all, it’s stuff that’s out of the house.

After all that work 🙂 I had some fun making a couple of masculine cards with the Guy Greetings set. I really don’t need to make any more cards. I’m sure I have enough for birthdays through the end of the year. I think I even have enough Christmas cards already made. I just can’t stop, though! I’m having too much fun!

Guy Greetings

Hats Off to You

Guy Greetings

No one Else Could Fill Your Shoes

Stay tuned…