After a long day at The Company, I was lying on the couch, reading a mystery novel. Suddenly, Bella started tearing around the living room and dining room like a cat gone mad.

Then I heard it. The buzzing. Oh, a fly, I thought. Then I saw it. It was huge. Uh oh, a bee?

I got up and wet a dishrag. No, it was really, really huge! A dishtowel.

Oh my Goddess, it’s a wasp or a hornet! I immediately thought of this meme I saw on Pinterest:


Cute, cuddly, fluffy, good for everyone. 1 sting, then it dies.


Skinny, mean as f*ck, good-for-nothing, basically a bee on meth. Infinite stings, thus the aggressiveness.


A wasp on steroids, usually so bad-ass it doesn’t even bother stinging you. Still, stay the f*ck away from it.


As Bella jumped up to catch it, occasionally succeeding, I whipped the dishtowel at it. I was trying to smush it against the wall, but every time I missed and the behemoth would buzz toward me, I’d run away screaming like girl!

But Bella just kept after the monster! Eventually she cornered it, and I beat it against the wall, and then as it fell, I beat it against the floor. Finally, we were victorious! Oh my great Goddess, the adrenaline!

Bella and I took a couple of victory laps around the kitchen island (in slo-mo) and then we both collapsed onto the bed with tuna treats. Ahhhh.




This is probably is a good time to remind you that June is “Adopt a Cat” month in the U.S. If this story hasn’t inspired you to run to your nearest shelter and pick out a new feline, I have many others!

Actually, you don’t pick a feline to adopt. It’s more like a cat hires you to be its staff. But still, it’s a good gig. Think about it.

Stay tuned…

p.s. I will definitely have nightmares from seeing all the bee/wasp/hornet pictures on Pinterest while looking for that meme. And I’m already operating on an 8 hour sleep deficit, due to working overtime at The Company. Well worth it, though (both the OT and the link to the meme).

p.p.s. I shared this at Chic On a Shoestring.