Last weekend I dreamed that I couldn’t find my clothes washer. I wonder why.

Laundry room, before.

Not only is the washer buried, so are the dryer and the laundry tub.

I cleaned it all out and filled 3 bags of recycling, not even counting the boxes on the dryer.There was a bag of mail and newspapers. There were 2 bags of bags. Yes, bags of empty bags. I’ll save anything.

And yes, things are still coming into the house in bags and boxes all the time. The bottom box is a Melaleuca order of vitamins and laundry detergent. The top box is an Amazon order of protein drinks. All consumables, so they won’t take up space for long.

The laundry tub was full of purchases that I had totally forgotten about. I’m SO not cured of my shopping impulse yet. There were rubber gloves and a jar scraper for the kitchen. There was a set of pens that I’m sure I didn’t need. Laurel’s Cottage is kind of  “The House o’ Pens”.

There was a palm sander that I bought to, I don’t know, sand things? Oh yeah, I need to refinish my bedroom nightstands. Someday.

But now it looks like this.

Laundry room, after.

Stay tuned…