No.1 Sis and her teenage son were visiting Mom. After chatting for a while, Mom invited them to stay for supper.

My nephew went to the stove where a pot of soup stock was simmering. He pulled the ladle out and came up with a ham bone and a bay leaf.

“Gee. thanks, Grandma”, nephew said, “but I had Bone and Leaf Soup for lunch”.

Being my mother’s daughter, I used to simmer chicken soup stock on the stove. I’d throw in a whole chicken, or a chicken carcass, add some water, veg, and spices, including a bay leaf, of course. Then I’d let it cook for a couple of hours and call it done. It was watery Bone and Leaf Soup.

Recently, No.2 Sis told me she makes the soup stock in the crock pot overnight. Overnight! Like 8-10 hours! I tried it and it was delicious! It was really soup! As in, put it in the refrigerator and it will turn into gelatin. That’s real soup stock.

I probably should have left it alone after I strained it, and just drank it as broth with my meals, but I wanted it to be chicken soup. I got a recipe on-line, added chicken chunks, fresh veg, and spices (no bay leaf). Then I simmered it on the stove for a couple of hours.

Meh. The vegetables were still too crisp. So I cooked it in the crock overnight again.

Not my chicken soup.

Not my chicken soup.

Unfortunately, I kinda dropped the crock while pouring the soup into the storage container. All the broth spilled and I was left with just chicken and veg. I added in commercial broth and reheated it.

Meh. I don’t know if it was the commercial broth, or the absence of the bay leaf, or the combination, but it was a little flavorless. I was so disappointed! After 2 days work, it should have been way better than “meh”.

Next time, more onion, more garlic, and homemade broth.

And a bay leaf. Because who wants Bone Soup when they can have Bone and Leaf Soup?

Stay tuned…