I know finishing my herbalist certification was not on my list of goals this year, but the school I’ve been doing my study-from-home-at-your-own-pace course just offered an in-person add-on. That is, the Master Herbalist will teach the course 2 nights a week, and I’ll be done in 6 months.

I asked the tarot cards (woo-woo alert) what to do and they said SIGN UP FOR THE CLASS!!! So I did.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough students to hold the class, so it was canceled. I decided that I must get back into the home study and do it on my own. I studied and e-mailed in homework 2 nights last week. After 5 years, that brings me up to lesson #12 (out of around 60).

That means I averaged 2 lessons per year, before last week. Do you think I can finish the rest of the course in 6 months to become a Mistress Herbalist?

After I finished my homework, I worked on the art studio. I picked the stack closest to the door and (almost) cleared it.

I threw away 1 box of stuff, took one box to the Goodwill, and filled a bag with recycling. That brings my bag count to 278.

studio stack

I even vacuumed the newly exposed patch of carpet.

Stay tuned…

p.s. My bag count being 278 means that I’ve removed 278 bags, boxes and small pieces of furniture from my house since January, 2014.